Success Equation Video Review

Looking to reach the next level in hockey?

Get 1 on 1 professional video review of your game, just like the pros!

The EDP "Success Equation" video review program offers several packages for you to submit game tapes to our team of professional instructors to review, analyze quantify, and give you a detailed "success equation" to take your game to the next level!

Each package includes from one to six calls with our highly trained performance instructors to analyze your choice of a single 5-game performance report to a full season with six (6!) 3-game performance reports and 6 calls (one a month from Oct to March) with the coaches to review progress and game play and provide feedback to help you set and achieve goals for your game.

In addition, each player and goalie has the option to add access to a detailed game performance report to each review call. The reports will use advanced analytics to objectively track your game habits, results ... and progress!

If you're serious about improving your game, the EDP Success Equation program for you!


The EDP Success Equation Video review service is available for, and helpful to, players and goalies of all ages starting at squirt/atom (ages 8) and up through U18/Juniors/and College.


Please note that if you are playing for a team that is getting Instat analysis (as all EDP teams do) you may simply tell us that and provided the games are in fact being analyzed by instat we can pull the game video ourselves from Instat and you can pick a SE package that gives a discount for edited video.

Further, EDP members will get access to their Instat personal player page at no extra charge.


The Success Equation Video review season is perfect in and off season. All we need are games to analyze.

Packages include the "Snapshot", which is a 5-game review, and can be done even for spring/summer/ tournament games or of recent vintage games from last season to prepare you to roar into 2023-24.

Our 'Bridge Deal" subscription package includes three 4-game reviews (12 games analyzed total) between October 1 and March 31 and virtual meetings with an EDP coach to review the results of their analysis and use that to improve performance.

The "Superstar" Package is a full season subscription for elite players looking to turbocharge their games in 2023-24. This package includes six (6!) reviews total over the course of the season to go over six 3-game samples (18 games analyzed total) between October 1 and March 31.

All packages include the option to purchase a professional analytics game performance Metric for the players. Players (and parents) can see the type of quantifiable objective stats tracked to objectively measure their game performance and uncover new development pathways.


Record games anywhere you play on your phone or download through some means like livebarn.

After we have completed the performance review for your submitted games, we will work with you on scheduling a virtual meeting to analyze your performance, review your game habits and progress, and help you reach the next level of performance.


There are multiple ways you can get your players games to us, and discounts are available if you've pre-edited the footage to just your shifts.

After signing up, you will be contacted by one of our coaches, to discuss the various options available to you which includes submission through mediums like one-drive, dropbox, youtube and others as well as tips and recommendations for efficient video taking to maximize our ability to help you.

Game Packages

We offer a variety of packages to suit your development needs and budget. These include the "Snapshot 5 game review" that can be done at any time, including review of 'older' games from prior season, as well as tournament or summer league games now to get you ready for the coming season. In season package options include the "Bridge Deal Season Subscription" with three 4-game reviews and virtual meetings with your coach, and the "Superstar Package" for six 3-game performance reviews and virtual meetings with your coach between October and March:

1) The "Snapshot" Success Equation

An excellent intro to the Success Equation Program, the "Snapshot" includes our coaches creating a habit profile based on a 5-game review of your (or your player's) game performance.

When the Snapshot is first scheduled, an EDP coach will reach out to discuss with you the program, and what to expect. Once the review is complete, after you have uploaded the games, the coach will reach out to schedule a virtual meeting to share and review your habit profile from the submitted games, and walk you through a critical path analysis to suggest steps you can take to elevate your game to the next level.

Season Subscription Packages

2) The "Bridge Deal" Season Subscription.

An awesome middle ground, the "Bridge Deal" subscription package includes our coaches creating and then updating a habit profile over the course of your season, based on a three (3!) separate 4-game performance reviews between October and March.

When you sign your Bridge Deal, an EDP coach will reach out to discuss the outline for the season and make a preliminary game plan with you for uploading the games, analyzing them, and scheduling the virtual review calls.

After you have uploaded the games and submitted them to us, we will create performance metrics and hold a virtual meeting with you to review the analytics and suggest steps you can take to elevate your game. Our professional staff will then use the next game reviews in this package to objectively measure your progress and help you adapt and apply your growing skill set as the season progresses.

3) The "Superstar" Season Subscription.

The "Superstar" is our premier subscription option. You get everything the "Bridge Deal" offers, only with six (6!) 3-game performance analyses, and twice as many personal reviews with a coach (6 virtual meetings from October to March).

The Superstar package gives you the most in-depth analysis of your game, as the six reviews and monthly meetings allows you and your performance coach to almost in real time track your development and aid you in your quest to maximize your performance and becoming an impact player.

Extra Costs

For an extra fee, players will be able to add access to a personalized performance metric to any of our packages.

This option will give the player their own analytics "report card", to reveal their game play and quantify their progress using key performance metrics like those relied upon and tracked by scouts, coaches, and programs at the highest levels.

This very cool "add" offers a ton of insight for the player and helps them think about the game like a scout, making them more receptive to trying new things to advance their game and play like a pro.


We have packages for all budgets.

Snapshot Pricing:

$600 unedited /$450 edited game

Bridge Deal Pricing:

$1660 unedited/$1210 edited

Superstar Package Pricing

$2000 unedited/$1500 edited (equals just $250 a month (edited) or $333.33 (unedited) for personal coaching for the season))

As used above, (a) "unedited" is the simplest for you: it refers to if you choose to have our analysts review and tell us when a game was (provided there is livebarn for the facility) and/or submit a file/link with the entire game video. Our analysts will review the entire game for your/your players shifts as part of the analysis; and (b) "edited" means you submit to us a file/link with just your players shifts edited together into one file for our analysts.

Many parents/guardians already use their smart phones to film each shift, and this is a great option for those who do so, or are willing to do so.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are playing in the EDP 2023-24 Full Season Program, we already have games filmed and internally edited so you can choose the "edited" video option and can decline the personalized metric/ performance report because that will be included as part of any package you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is this only for players, or do you offer it for goalies too?

A1: It's for goalies too! The main difference is that what we would be looking for in the edited video is just the zone play for each game, and while gopros are not good for players for our analysis, they are ideal for putting behind the goalie and filming for the goalie analytics.

Q2: How do I upload games?

A2: After you sign up, a coach will schedule a call to discuss and walk you through the various ways to upload games. It's a fairly simple process as long as you have access to a smart phone, ipad, tablet, or laptop, but there are many options that you can choose from to find one that works for you.

Q3: I see a nice discount for "edited" games. What is that? Is it hard to do?

A3: Edited games for purposes of accessing the discount are games that you submit to us pre-edited to be only your players' shifts. In other words, instead of our coaches having to watch the entire game to locate your player, you are getting to us game video of only his or her shifts. This makes our review time more efficient and we pass that savings on to you with the discount.

So, if your team uses Instat or you attend your players' games, this is the option for you. Players on teams that subscribe to Instat we can pull direct from there without you doing anything. Otherwise, the editing is easy to do: simply use your smart phone/tablet to film each shift starting when your player gets on and ending when they return to the bench. After the game just edit those short clips into one video using iMovie or a similar software. Many times you can do this while waiting for your player to exit the rink.

At your initial call with EDP, the analyst will review this with you - the process is simple enough and a great option to access the discount.

Success Equation Video Review

Do you want to learn what it takes to maximize your game as you work to reach the next level?

The best players in the world, from youth hockey to professionals, are always looking for ways to improve, to reinvent their game, and to discover new ways to succeed.

Now you can get the same type of video review service that the top players get, with objective professional analytic assessments of your game.  The Success Equation video review options include a variety of plans to suit your budget and development path. 

Options include the Success Equation: "Snapshot" (1 review/report, 5 games analyzed), 'Bridge Deal" (3 reviews/reports, 12 game analyzed), and "Superstar" packages (6 reviews/reports, 18 games analyzed from October to March). 

Each package includes at least 5 games analyzed, and personal virtual meetings with our coaches to professionally review the player's game performance from submitted games to create an individualized Player Performance Report.

This report will objectively peel back the layers of the game and present a development path forward.  For those signing the "Bridge Deal" or getting the "Superstar" packages, the additional games and meetings throughout the course of the season will allow them and their EDP Coach to track their progress over the course of the season. This regular touch and personalized coaching allows ongoing season access and unfiltered feedback to allow the players to keep on top of their games and maximize their growth to become impact players. 

All packages include an option to access personalized advanced game analytics from submitted games.  These metrics objectively delve even further into your players game habits using metrics the pros look at and really drive home the success equation lessons.   

Information is power.   Now you can access the same types of information and feedback the top players and programs in the game use to help players find their own success equation in their quest to become impact players at the 'next level.' 

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