EDP Summer Skills Sessions

By Popular demand the EDP Summer Skills Series is back!

Each week in the summer the EDP coaches will have age appropriate instruction on one translatable skill to work on for the hour long session. One of our most popular and impactful programs for the kids, its designed with summer in mind to keep the kids in touch with their teammates and their skills growing. Practices after the Belfry Hockey coaching education summer camp at the end of June/early July will purposely mirror the lessons learned at that amp so our players can immediately benefit from our coach and player experiences at that unique camp.


Sessions will be for:

High School/Midget/Alumni (2004-2009)

U14 (2010-11)

U12 (2012-13)

U10 (2014-15)


Mondays starting June 3 for U10s and U12s.

Tuesdays starting June 4 for U14s and Highschool/Midget/Alumni.

Sessions run through the end of July (with the weeks of June 18th off as our coaches will be in Florida for coaching training with Darryl Belfry).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We will be gone some weeks, (1) will that impact our ability to participate and (2) can we sign up for/get a pro-rate on a session by session basis?

A1: The sessions are designed with the understanding that summer is a time for vacations for many. As such, they are self-contained and focus on a specific skill or skill pattern for that hour, and missing a week is not a problem.

A2: The full course pricing takes into account that we expect people may miss several sessions. If you believe you will miss more than 2 sessions there is an option to sign up for a half session (4 lessons), which you may choose on a case by case basis. We do not offer single session pricing.

Q: Will there be goalie coaching?

A: Yes, there will be goalie coaching but not at all sessions as our goalie coaches have other obligations (including coaching with Mitch Korn!) that may preclude attendance at all events.


U10 Schedule (2014-15):

Mon. 6/3, 5:40-6:40p @ Easton 2

Mon. 6/10, 5:40-6:40p @ Easton 2

Mon. 6/24, 5:40-6:40p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/1, 5:40-6:40p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/8, 5:40-6:40p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/15, 5:40-6:40p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/22, 5:40-6:40p @ Easton 2

U14 (2010-11) Schedule:

Tues. 6/4, 6:40-7:40p @ Easton 2

Tues. 6/11, 6:40-7:40p @ Ice works

---New end times (ice combined with HS/Midget & additional 20 min added)---

Tues. 6/25*, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice Works

Tues. 7/2, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice works

Tues. 7/9, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice works

Tues. 7/16, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice works

Tues. 7/23**, 7:20-8:40p @ North 2 (Note different rink and start time)

U12 Schedule (2012-13):

Mon. 6/3, 6:50-7:50p @ Easton 2

Mon. 6/10, 6:50-7:50p @ Easton 2

Mon. 6/24, 6:50-7:50p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/1, 6:50-7:50p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/8, 6:50-7:50p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/15, 6:50-7:50p @ Easton 2

Mon. 7/22, 6:50-7:50p @ Easton 2

High School/Midget (05-09):

Tues. 6/4, 7:50-8:50p @ Easton 2

Tues. 6/11, 7:50-8:50p @ Ice works

--New start & end times (Ice combined with U14 with an extra 20 minutes added)--

Tues. 6/25*, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice Works

Tues. 7/2, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice works

Tues. 7/9, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice works

Tues. 7/16, 6:40-8:00p @ Ice works

Tues. 7/23**, 7:20-8:40p @ Chiller North 2 (NOTE different rink & start/end time this week)


All Ages.

Thursday July 25, 5:50-6:50pm @ Chiller North

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