Player InStat Access

Personal access to the revolutionary statistical analysis and video files for your player's game play, with a host of statistics about THEIR performance tracked, with interactive links and video corresponding to most of the stats. An impressive tool that allows your player to watch and track their performances just like the games' elite do.


U10, U12, U14


Comparable to a season of livebarn but with MUCH more and gear to YOU:

U10 & U12 - $174.99 for the season

U14 - $194.99 for the season


September 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024

For Who?

This Program is only available to current members of EDP.

Instat does NOT offer personal player access to players who are not already part of a program that has subscribed to it, so we cannot offer this to anyone except EDP members for the 2023-24 season.


On your laptop and/or mobile device

Fee Covers

Subscribers will recieved a user id and password to Instat as well as a receive, via email, personal player page access and their owner personal player performance report as a pdf for the season games that are uploaded. The player's 'main' page will also include all game statistics tracked with interactive links for all games that Instat analyzes in season.


Please note that if you are an EDP member in 2023-24 and have signed up for ANY Success Equation Package, the personal player package for Instat is included as part of the Success Equation so you do NOT need to sign up for this separately.

Instat personal player '23-24

Season Long Individual Player access to player pages and video metrics used by EDP coaches for player performance analysis and development.

Instat is a revolutionary game performance program used by 30 of the 32 NHL teams and all NCAA DI hockey programs and all 16 USHL teams, among others, for scouting, development, player and team performance analysis and recruitment.  Now your player can access their own game reports and video (of the entire game, just their shifts, or narrowed down by their performance with interactive links) from Instat!

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