EP Premium Membership

For a limited time, access all the benefits of EP Premium Membership at a reduced cost!


13 and older only please


Yes. Regular annual subscription is $120.

To get a 50% discount on this, Premium memberships can be purchased for only $60 but you must (a) register through EDP at this site, and (b) register by 9/3/2023 (on or before Labor Day)


This is an annual 12 month subscription that will run for the length of the hockey season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of EP Premium?

EP Premium members can:

Claim your profile (and customize with photos and video links)

Update Personal Stats and Facts (NOTE: this includes birthdate, birthplace, height, weight, etc. but NOT game stats (goals/assists/etc.). Game stats are obtained separately by EP from verified sources and cannot be changed or modified by players ... even Premium members)

Full Access to EP Rinkside

Faster Browsing with no Ads or Banners

Update Stats & Facts

Track & Compare Players

Exclusive NHL Draft & Fantasy Guides

And more!

23-24 Elite Prospects Subsc.

23-24 Elite Prospects Premium membership subscription.

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