Declare your draft eligibility!


2009 and older EDP and Belfry Hockey Alumni players

when and where?

Friday, July 26, 2024

6:30-7:50pm @ Chiller Easton 2

When is draft day?

Coaches will hold a secret/closed door draft on Saturday, June 22 at the conclusion of their Camp with Darryl Belfry in Estero, Florida. Teams will be announced no later than July 4, 2024.


2009 players should wear their EDP Spider uniforms. 2008 and older can wear their EDP or Belfry Hockey jerseys (if they still fit) or the jersey of either their most recent competitive team. Light or dark jerseys will be part of the team announcements.


Is this serious?

Deadly serious. The coaches take pride in their teams and the draft is intense. Bragging rights are on the line for the coaches. Don't let them down!

2024 Coaches Alumni Draft Game

It's the 3d Annual EDP/Belfry Coaches Alumni Game!

If you are at least a 2009 birth year alumni of EDP or Belfry Hockey Columbus you can declare for the draft! Coaches will draft "their" teams on Saturday June 22, 2024 and the teams will play on Friday July 26, 2024.  The game will be officiated with referees and a Stanley Cup replica will be awarded the winners at the game conclusion. 

Game time is 6:30-7:50p at Easton 1.

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