Belfry Hockey Summer 2024 Camp


The best junior, college, and professional hockey players in the world use their summers to train with Darryl Belfry to elevate their games in an ultra-competitive work.

Now you can too!  

A balanced summer will include exposure and quality games you can get at the top Combines, showcases, and invitationals, but has to include skill development and training to improve and add facets to your game. Why spend $400+ on another Summer Tourney, plus hotel, travel, and other expenses for maybe 50 total minutes of playing time if you can get hours of on-ice training with the top player performance coach in the world, plus off ice sessions to improve your hockey iq and revamp your game?

Applications for the 2024 Belfry Hockey EDP "Elite Performance Camp" in Estero, Florida with Darryl Belfry (the only skills instructor to be named to The Hockey News "Top 100 People of Power and Influence", an honor he's received multiple times) are open and being accepted for 05-09 birth year players only.

The theme of this year's camp is "Belfry Offense."


Check out the EDP "Success Equation" for in-season performance feedback with the EDP professional coaches! Discount Code available for the SE for those who are also doing the Summer Camp: ask us about it!


2005-2009 Birth Years only


Player Camp Fee (only 3 spots left!): $1,888

Goalie Spots (SOLD OUT): $300

Optional Boarding Option (SOLD OUT): Add $1,100 to registration (see details for what this covers)


Absolutely. You get what you pay for.

To get a comparable amount of ice time at a typical showcase or summer tournament ("Showcases") you'd need to attend 10-12 Showcases (if they don't have a practice).

You'd be burnt out, your bank account would be dry (particularly after all the travel expenses are accounted for), and development would be minimal.

Those events certainly have their place, but the summer is the best time for hard core development. That’s what this camp offers.


June 19 - 22, 2024

The first ice session of the camp is Wednesday, June 19, 8:30-10:00 a.m. The final camp event concludes at 12:30pm on Saturday, June 22.

Full on-ice Schedule (video review will be worked into the times below on select days) for each day below:

June 19, 20, 21, and 22

Ice Session #1 - 8:30-10:00am

Ice Session #2 - 11:00-12:30pm

Off Ice (Meetings or Video):

June 19-22, 10:10-10:50am (June 19 *Informational Meeting, June 20-21, Video, June 22 - Camp Wrap Up/Video.)

Off Ice* Speed Agility & Yoga Cooldown-

June 19, 20, 21 - 5:30-6:30pm (*Each camp participant should bring a yoga mat to this, and make sure to wear clothes appropriate to work out in.)


The Belfry Hockey EDP Summit Camp will offer four days of innovative strategies, footwork, scoring and defending techniques, in "Belfry Offense."

Participants will receive 12 hours on ice with Darryl plus video review with the EDP coaches to review what is being taught, improve their skills, and increase their hockey IQ.

In addition there will be regular video feedback, plus off ice sessions for speed and agility training as well as a yoga/stretching cooldown to end the day.

Players at this camp WILL be given every opportunity to make measurable strides in their development and give themselves a leg up on their game in 2024-25.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for Defense and forwards?: Yes! Numbers are strictly capped at 24 skaters.

Do you need Goalies?: Yes. The camp is NOT for goalies, but we have a limited number of spots that are heavily discounted to reflect that you will be a mere target. Our tenders will get a LOT of high quality shots and reps that will help their game.

Can female players participate? Absolutely! Darryl’s client list over the years has included not just multiple Team Canada women's teams but numerous of the world's top female players.

How do I get in?

To apply, complete all registration paperwork including your reference(s) and pay the deposit or in full. You will receive a confirmation of the camp paperwork, and within 48 business hours will be notified if the application is accepted. If not you will be fully refunded.

What does the Camp Fee Cover? Camp fees cover all ice time and off ice video sessions, as well as camp jerseys and socks. (Costs of travel/food/housing are not included and are the responsibility of the participants.)

Is there a 'boarding' option for players? Yes. For an additional charge we have a very small number of spots (8 total) available for players to live in a house with the EDP Coaches at this camp (NOTE: Darryl will NOT be at the house).

This "boarding option" includes (and thus will allow parents who do not wish to travel to save on their own costs for) lodging/room and board with the EDP Coaches as well as transportation to and from the rink during camp as well as several pick up and drop off times to the RSW airport on arrival day (8/18) and departure day (8/22 and 23).

Players will be in rooms with their own beds (bunk beds) at a fully supervised house and have the opportunity to pick the coaches brains about the camp, hockey, and anything they want. These spots are first come first serve and once taken, they are gone.

2024 Belfry Hockey FL Camp


The best players in the world go to Darryl Belfry to get better. Now you can too!

Why spend $400-$500 on a Summer Tourney or Showcase for fun, but largely meaningless, games and maybe an hour of actual playing time, when you can get 12 hours training on ice with the game's top skills instructor plus off ice video and other work to improve your play NOW?

Applications for the 2024 Belfry Hockey/EDP Elite Performance Camp in Estero, Florida are open and being accepted for 05-09 birth year players only. The theme of this year's camp is "Belfry Offense."

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