Announcing the 10,000 Shot Challenge

The 10,000 Shot Challenge is back!

The Elite Development Program coaches are once again challenging all of the organization's players (including goalies) to get 10,000 shots off this summer.

Beginning June 1, players can utilize Coach Jeremy of “How to Hockey“ and his 10,000 Shots app (iOS/Android) to record their journey to 10,000 shots this summer. Coach Jeremy attended the annual training that EDP coaches go through in Florida with Darryl Belfry, along with a contingent of coaches from Hockey Alberta, Hockey Saskatchewan and Ontario.

It's simple to get started:

  1. Download the free 10,000 Shot app (iOS/Android)
  2. Register for an account and set your goal – keep in mind the challenge ends on August 12, 2022, which is one week before the EDP preseason camp
  3. Players can challenge teammates by entering their teammate's name and, if they do not yet have an account, will be given the option to share or text an invitation
  4. The app is intuitive with buttons to “Learn” (short videos from Coach Jeremy on how to improve your shot), “Team” (invite your teammates), and then “Shots” (where players can log shots under wrist, snap, backhand, or slap)
  5. The app tracks your shots and will adjust recommendations for daily output so you can reach your goal

EDP will publicize “Shots of the Week” for players to work on, and sometimes add special instructions on how we want the shot taken, enhancing translatability and building muscle memory and proficiency at shot variations that will emulate how goals are scored by the NHL's elite playmakers.

The “Shot of the Week” for the first week is the snapshot. Take some time to watch Coach Jeremy's snapshot videos on the app for a refresher and then aim to take at least 100-120 shots each day for the coming week. Ideally, players should rotate between shooting 25-30 shots to each corner of the net, aiming 12 inches off the floor for the low shots and the top corners for the high shots.

Players who reach the 10,000 shot plateau will not only have a tremendously improved shot (and the scoring prowess that comes with that) for the season, but they'll join the 10,000 shot club, and earn a t-shirt for it, courtesy of our own CYDA.

THE GOAL: Increase shot speed, quickness, and accuracy

THE PLAN: Shoot 10,000 pucks by August 12, 2022

SHOTS per WEEK:  720

SHOTS per DAY: 128 (6 days per week)

Parents stress to your child to be honest: they are only cheating themselves if they aren't accurate. This is for goalies too!

Download for iOS | Download for Android

Happy shooting!


Week 1: Snapshots
Week 2: Backhanders
Week 3: Slapshots